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Here to Serve Holdings Corp.

Here To Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC) is a company that hunts for undervalued assets in a vast array of industries. HTSC holds both public company equities and private company equities that management believes will unlock a substantial valuation for shareholders. 

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KRTL Biotech Inc.

KRTL Biotech Inc is a U.S. research and development company now working in Korea through KRTL Asia, with a consortium of experienced Korean and US doctors and researchers dedicated to improving mankind’s debilitating physical and mental ailments with progressive holistic solutions.  Their disciplines are in the CBD and Psilocybin arena and will study and work with these and other plant-based products.

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Pervasip Corp.

Pervasip Corp. is a publicly traded company.  The company owns Artizen Cannabis Inc., the third largest distributor of cannabis in the state of Washington.  It also owns five percent (5%) equity interest in KRTL Biotech Inc., a company with MFDS-KFDA approval to do research and development with CBD and psilocybin.

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IGS.F The Graphene Company

IGS.F focuses on graphene and graphene products.  They have developed innovative product through technology perfected over the years.  They have developed new materials by compositing graphene with other materials.

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New Age Trends

We are the Business Development Network connecting professional companies with the need for exposure and advertisement

for their products and services to the influencers that encompass some of the most engaging voices on Earth.

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