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R&D and

Laboratory Services


Our state-of-the-art laboratories in both the US and South Korea give us a strategic advantage in the research and develop of new products to bring to market.

Cannabis Consulting Services

Acquisitions and Equity Partnerships


Looking to sell your business or partner with an industry leading brand? We can help.

Hemp Consulting Services

Operational Management Services

Business Handshake

We provide on-site and remote management services for cannabis retail, cultivation, and processing businesses.

International Distribution


Our a la carte service-based solutions can be tailored to your start-up project or existing operation.


Our suite of commercial hemp consulting services provides end-to-end solutions for your business.

Breeding and Cultivation


Branding and Marketing


We have partnerships with all the leading distributors of cannabis products servicing hundreds of licensed businesses in the US and internationally.


We equip brands with a lightning-fast distribution network and a software platform that makes it easy to ship wholesale orders within 36 hours.


We break down all you need to know about breeding cannabis and continuing a lineage in seed.


We have a proven team and have acquired high-level cultivation skills and mastered the essential techniques that can easily help you transform your business.

Computer Tutorials

We have relationships with professional companies to assist with creating a brand and marketing your business.

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