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VICS Consulting Group Inc. is a collaboration of industry experts focused on every aspect of the cannabis and hemp market from energy efficiency, sustainability, infrastructure development, equipment and land management and proprietary  technologies.  Other facets include but are not limited to revenue generation, projections, branding, marketing, distribution and staff development.


With a fortitude of intricate relationships encompassing governmental, private, public, industrial, and corporate expertise in various disciplines, we bring the knowledge accrued to projects.


VICS Consulting has the networks in place that can achieve scalable cannabis operations.  What we have done is encompassed the experience of our partners to create and establish a bridge to Asia.  We have the relationships in various countries and the capability to foster the project from conception to marketable product.  Working in Asia with these entities has offered an opportunity not available to many, where we can spearhead the cannabis and hemp industry in the region.

Our Team

Our Team
Kai Kim

Management Team

Kai Kim

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Hansen

Marketing Team

Chris H photo (1).png

Christopher Hansen

Vice President of Business Development

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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